Terms and Conditions for the purchase of the expandastand range of products


1. About these Terms and Conditions

In these terms and conditions "we" and "us" mean Glance Promotions Ltd and/or expandastand, and "you" means you the customer.

1.1 These terms and conditions together with your Order constitute the Contract between us and you for the supply of Products. No other terms and conditions shall apply. The Contract cannot be varied unless we agree to vary it in writing or by email.

1.2 Glance Promotions Ltd. makes available a product through its web site, Expandastand.ie (collectively referred to as the ‘products and services’), subject to these terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Terms and Conditions’).


2. Placing Your Order

2.1  To place an Order you must be accessible by non cellular telephone.

2.2  You may place an Order by: a) filling in the Order Form on our website and clicking on the "Place my order" button; b) telephoning us on +353 61 338588 between Monday to Friday, or c) by post, including your payment. Please note mailing an order is no guarantee of us receiving an order.

2.3  By placing an Order, you make an offer to us to purchase the Products you have selected on these terms and conditions. We may or may not accept your offer at our discretion.

2.4  If we cannot accept your Order we will attempt to contact you by email or telephone or mail.

2.5  Whilst we will make every effort to supply you with the Products you order , there may be occasions where we are unable to supply these Products because, for example: such Products are no longer being manufactured or available. In such circumstances we will contact you to inform you and may suggest alternative Products that you might wish to purchase. If you do not accept our suggestions then we will cancel your Order in relation to those Products we cannot supply and repay you any money that you may have paid to us in respect of those Products. Repayment of such monies will be the extent of our liability to you if we are unable to deliver to you the Products you have ordered.

2.6  Information contained in our advertising, brochures, other written materials, on our websites or given to you by our agents or employees constitutes an invitation to treat. No such information constitutes an offer by us to supply any Products.

2.7 All Expandastand.ie purchase information become the exclusive property of Glance Promotions Ltd. Glance Promotions Ltd., reserves the right to use and reuse all personally identifiable user information subject to the Expandastand privacy policy.


3. Supply of Your Products

Subject to these terms and conditions, we will supply to you the Products requested on your Order.


4. Prices

4.1  The price for the Products will be the price indicated on your Invoice.

4.2  VAT is payable by you at the applicable rate as indicated on your Invoice.

4.3  Delivery costs, where applicable, are payable by you as indicated on your Invoice.


5. Paying for Your Products

5.1  You may pay for your Products by the methods of payment as displayed on our payment


5.2  You must pay in the euro currency as indicated on your Invoice.

5.3  If you are paying by credit card, then you must supply your credit card details when you place your Order. Your credit card will be charged when we issue your Invoice or on shipment of your Products. We will not supply the Products to you until your credit card issuer has authorised the use of your card for payment of the Products ordered. If we do not receive such authorisation we shall let you know. The processing of your credit card payments is not directly undertaken by Glance Promotions Ltd. Rather it is undertaken by our assigned on line credit card payment processing company. Use of your credit card to pay for your order must meet all the credit card payment processing company’s condition in order for your order to proceed to fulfillment.

5.4  If you are paying by cheque, or inter bank credit transfer, a pro-forma invoice for payment will be sent to you and your Products will be supplied after your payment is cleared. If we do not receive payment in cleared funds within 30 days after the date of your Order then your Order will be considered cancelled.

5.5  We will send your Invoice, and Products to you at the billing address indicated on your Order Confirmation.

5.6 It is the policy of Glance Promotions Ltd. that payment for all goods purchased on this website must be received prior to their delivery. Government bodies may receive credit on the issuance of an official purchase order.


6. Delivery of Your Products

6.1  Products will not be delivered to countries outside of Europe.

6.2  We will deliver your Products to the delivery address as shown on your Order Form unless you are paying for your Products by credit card in which case, we will deliver your Products according to the conditions of our credit card payment processing company.

6.3  We will use our reasonable means to prepare your Products for delivery within 14 days of the date of payment of your Order. Estimated delivery times which are given at the time of placing an Order are estimates only and do not equate to guaranteed delivery times. If you have ordered several Products at one time, we may deliver such Products on different days. You may cancel your Order at any time prior to despatch of the Product ordered by calling us on +353 61 338588

6.4  Title to and risk of loss in your Products will pass to you on delivery of the Products, or upon collection of the Products by your appointed carrier or shipping company.


7. Returns Policy

7.1  If you are not satisfied with any Product you have purchased from us, you may return the Product to us and obtain a refund of the price of the Product returned if you contact us within 14 Calendar Days of delivery of the Product to you.

7.2  In order to exercise your option to return a Product you are not satisfied with, you must telephone us on +353 61 338588 between Monday to Friday, to make arrangements for return. You must return the Products in their original packaging and the Products must be undamaged. You must obtain and retain a signed copy of delivery documentation from the carrier at the time of collection.

7.3  Provided the Products are returned to us undamaged we will refund the price paid for the Products you have returned.


8.  Our Liability

8.1    If you are a Consumer, nothing in the Contract shall limit or exclude our liability for breach of any term implied by statute. If you are not a Consumer:

8.2   These terms and conditions set out the full extent of our obligations and liabilities in respect of the supply of the Products

8.3   There are no warranties, conditions or other terms that are binding on us except as expressly stated in these Terms and Conditions and any Contract you may have from us; and

8.4   Any warranty, condition or other term concerning the Products which might otherwise be implied into or incorporated in the Contract by statute, common law or otherwise (including without limitation any implied term as to quality, fitness for purpose, reasonable care and skill) is hereby expressly excluded. In particular, we will not be responsible for ensuring that the Products are suitable for your purposes.

8.5   You, and any user of this website, must evaluate, and bear the risk associated with, the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any web site content.  Whilst Glance Promotions Ltd. make every effort to ensure accuracy of the information contained within this site, they do not accept liability for any inaccuracies or damage incurred arising from the use of information obtained from this website. 

8.6   We will not be liable under the Contract for any loss of income, loss of profits, loss of contracts, loss of data or for any indirect or consequential loss or damage of any kind howsoever arising and whether caused by tort (including negligence), breach of contract or otherwise.

8.7   Our maximum aggregate liability under the Contract whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise shall in no circumstances exceed the amount payable by you to us in respect of the Product(s) in question.

8.8   The limitation of liability shall prevent recovery of direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special, exemplary, and punitive damages (even if Glance Promotions Ltd. has been advised of the possibility of such damages), including, without limitation, the costs of procurement of substitute goods or services, lost profits, or lost data, and shall prevent the recovery of such damages related to other services or goods received through or advertised on the products and services, or received through any links provided in the products and services. Such limitation shall apply with respect to the performance or non-performance of the products and services, or any information or merchandise that appears on, or is linked or related in any way to, Expandastand.ie.


9.  Data Protection

9.1  By placing your Order, you agree and understand that we may store, process and use data collected from your Order Form or fax Order or telephone Order for the purposes of processing your Order.

9.2  Note that we may also share such data globally within the Expandastand group of companies.

9.3  If you wish to have access to the information that we hold concerning you, if you want to make any changes, or if you do not want to receive information from us please email us at info@expandastand.ie


10.  Circumstances beyond our reasonable control

10.1 We will make every effort to perform our obligations under the Contract.  However, we cannot be held responsible for delays or failure to perform if such delay or failure is caused by any circumstances beyond our reasonable control. In the event of a delay, we will perform our obligations as soon as reasonably possible.


11.  Disagreements Governing Law and Jurisdiction

11.1 We will try to solve any disagreements quickly and efficiently. If you are not happy with the way we deal with any disagreement and you want to take court proceedings, you must do so within the Republic of Ireland and Irish law will apply.


12.  General

12.1   Neither our failure or your failure to enforce any term of the Contract constitutes a waiver

of such term. Such failure shall in no way affect the right later to enforce such term.

12.2   The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of the Contract shall not adversely

affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions.


13.  Defined Terms

13.1   In these terms and conditions:

- "Contract" means these terms and conditions together with your Order information;

- "Consumer" means a customer who purchases Products otherwise than in the course of a business;

- "Invoice" means the invoice issued by us to you for the price of the Products;

- "Order" means an order placed by you in accordance with these terms and conditions;

- "Product" means any product listed on the expandastand.ie website which we agree to supply to you on these terms and conditions;

- "Europe" means the countries of continental Europe. For delivery to territories of Europe outside of continental Europe please contact us.

13.2  Glance Promotions Ltd is a company incorporated in the Republic of Ireland with its registered office at 4 Shannonside Business Park, Birdhill, Co. Tipperary, Ireland and with the registered number 242260. Expandastand is a registered trading name of Glance Promotions Ltd.



Data Protection and Privacy Policy





1.1  Your Details are held and processed in accordance with the Glance Promotions Ltd. data protection and privacy policy. We are not responsible for the content or privacy practices of other websites.

Our Policy

1.2  Our Privacy Policy is simple and it is designed to confirm how it treats the details (your personal Information) that you provide to us.

1.3  Glance Promotions Ltd., and other parties employed by Glance Promotions Ltd. on the Expandastand.ie project may use automated software to mine for browser information of its website visitors. This information will be general in nature and will not be passed on to their parties, unless ordered so by a Court. It will only be used by Glance Promotions Ltd., and only for statistical and other administrative purposes.

1.4  Once information is submitted on the website it is the property of Glance Promotions Ltd.  Glance Promotions fully respects your right to privacy and will not collect personal information on this website without consent.

1.5  In most cases, we will not disclose information to third parties unless they are either directly or indirectly linked with the product information you are ordering or receiving or that we are distributing.

1.6  In such situations, Glance Promotions Ltd. passes your details to its clients (that have the relevant information that you have requested) in order that they can see where their information is being sent.

1.7  Information collected from the website may be used for the company''s own marketing purposes i.e. mail-outs.

1.8  Glance Promotions Ltd. may use ‘cookies’ throughout the website to allow for the personalisation of your online experience on the website.

1.9  If you have any questions at any time regarding this Privacy Policy, please e-mail info@expandastand.ie