The World's Most Advanced Brochure Display System


expanda-stand Display Systems

An  amazingly  simple  and  ingenious  display  solution.

expanda-stand uses individual pieces that can all be clipped onto each other using a simple universal locking mechanism. This allows you to create display units in almost any combination, which you can easily reconfigure and add to.


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Simple Locking Mechanism

Universal Base Bracket clicks easily into all holder sizes

Holders clip on to wall bracket with ease, with base brackets adding extra support for your wall display

Key Features

expanda-stand offers a number of key features, including: 

  •  Full brochure display
  •  Full brochure height support
  •  All brochure holding units are interchangeable
  •  Fully integrated display solutions
  •  Strong yet light weight display units
  •  Flexibility to continually alter or expand your display system as needs arise
  •  The modular design allows you to mix and match to accommodate your own specific needs